'Surrounded by Nature, Steeped in History'

Over the mountains and not far away, Lithgow’s historic centre is just the beginning of your adventure into a fascinating past and exhilarating present.

Two hours away to a world of difference, begin your day with the dawn. Drink in the sun’s greeting as it turns its golden glance across the dramatic sandstone escarpments of the Blue Mountains backdrop. Let the fragrant mist envelop you on its Serene rise from the lush Hartley or Kanimbla Valley floors.

Mesmerised by the song of mountain lorikeets and the call of black cockatoos, head into the richly varied bushland of the western slopes. Surrounded by national parks and state forests, the wilderness on Lithgow’s doorstep whispers with memories of extinct industry and engineering brilliance. The area’s deep and ancient bush discloses remnants of the industrial past and bequeaths precious habitats to its abundant wildlife and flora.



Swim, sail and fish in tranquil lakes, feast on fresh, sweet mountain apples, pears and stone fruit.

As dusk darkens the day, and the crisp, chill air becomes laden with the scent of wood smoke, head to the fireside of your cosy accommodation or prime camping site. Rest easily in the arms of Lithgow’s hospitable welcome and plan your next adventure into Lithgow’s heritage and bushland.

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