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Bushfires have been part of the Australian environment for thousands of years. They can start from natural causes but are often deliberately or carelessly lit.

The NPWS is responsible for fire control and prevention in national parks and other NPWS lands, and assists in the management of fires outside these areas. Trained and experienced NPWS staff are frequently appointed as Fire Controllers for fires inside or outside national parks and other land managed by the NPWS.

Wherever there are reserved lands, the NPWS is member of the local Bushfire Management Committee. Community fire plans are prepared to enable co-ordinated fire control and prevention in local districts.

These plans aim to:
  • reduce the chances of severe fires by early detection
    and responding to fires quickly and
  • burn off or slash fuels near urban and rural areas to produce a variety of vegetation ages, which helps to reduce fire intensity near properties.

Bushfires are managed to, protect people and rural lands from fire while minimising damage to native plant and animal communities.

Our fire management program includes:

  • working co-operatively with local fire authorities
  • controlling fires on NPWS reserved lands
  • reducing the risk of fires moving off’ NPWS reserved lands onto neighbouring properties
  • assisting to control fires on neighbouring properties
  • reducing fire hazards which may threaten life, property, wildlife or cultural sites
  • maintaining a network of fire trails and fire breaks
  • conserving natural habitats which have adapted to periodic fires
  • continually upgrading firefighter training; and undertaking research into fire management.
  • How you can help

    When visiting national park you can help by:

  • observing all fire bans and
  • guarding against all risk of fire.

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