Cullen Bullen

Two local mines and the power station to the south sustain the small village of Cullen Bullen (population around 300), located on the Mudgee Rd, 168 km’s north-west of Sydney.

The district was occupied by the Wiradjuri people prior to white settlement, it is thought that their presence led to the naming of the area which is said to mean ‘lyre bird’.

By the late 1840’s districts in the area had become more settled, the road to Mudgee improved and traffic was growing.

The village of Cullen Bullen is thought to have started as one of a number of stopping places on that road.

Cullen Bullen Raceway

Cullen Bullen Raceway - Photo
Cullen Bullen Raceway – Photo

Located: Farley St, Cullen Bullen NSW
Track Facilities: The complex has septic toilets, brick grandstand, toilet block in the pit area and we have 2 canteens one in the pits the other under the grandstand.
Running 8 race meetings a season, the club is unique for its 385mtr x 15mtr wide granite surface certainly suits a lot of open wheeled divisions.
For More Information, please visit: Cullen Bullen Raceway

Cullen Bullen NSW

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