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A Margorie Jackson "The Lithgow Flash" sculpture by Antony Symons - Cook Street Plaza Lithgow A
The Lithgow Sculpture Tour showcases the local sculptures of Antony Symons. You can enjoy a self drive tour featuring bronze sculpture of Margorie Jackson - "The Lithgow Flash" and Peace Statue Endeavour Park in Lithgow.

Margarie Jackson - The Lithgow Flash

Commissioned by Lithgow City Council - 1999 - life size bronze sculpture of 'The Lithgow Flash' - Marjorie Jackson - Cook Street Plaza, Lithgow NSW

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Cook Street Plaza

Antony Symons Tuition

A Lithgow Endeavour Park - Peace Statue - Antony Symons A

Driving directions to from Cook Street Plaza to Endeavour Park
3.3 km – about 6 mins

From Cook St head west along Main St
2.0 km
Turn left at Great Western Hwy
1.2 km
Endeavour Park will be on the left

Endeavour Park

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The Peace statue

Commissioned by Lithgow City Council 1985 - monument for the International Year of Peace. Endeavour Park, Lithgow

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Peace Statue

Endeavour Park - Peace Statue

A Antony Symons - International Friendship Sculpture Garden Rydal - NOW CLOSED A

Antony Symons Sculpture garden

"A sculpture garden should strengthen the mind and the heart."

Antony's works were showcased in an environment transformed from bare hillside and 20 years in development. Included Rydal Bronze Sculptures and Foundry.


Rydal is a small village in New South Wales, Australia. Rydal is located about 154 km west of the state capital, Sydney and 22 km south-west from the town of Lithgow. The Main Western Railway line passes through Rydal and there is a station there which is used by the Dubbo XPT service.

NB: International Friendship Sculpture Garden Rydal


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Garden Welcome

Chinese Tea House

Chinese Tea House

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